Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wiseguys Video Diary #7

In episode #7 of my video diary I talk about designing Edges and Hindrances.
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Thursday, May 10, 2018

What's Next for Wiseguys?

Yesterday, Just Insert Imagination (Winter Eternal, Fuhgeddaboudit!, The Mutation Deck) released a FREE Demo Kit for the upcoming setting and tool kit for Savage Worlds that I wrote, Wiseguys.

In the coming months, I will continue my developer's vlog on YouTube, write more blogs, coordinate play test groups, publish new one sheets, and of course continue to write the full book.

The plan is to go to crowdfunding for artwork and editing once the draft has been completed.

Happy gaming!

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wiseguys - Organizations

It's time for another preview of the upcoming demo kit for Wiseguys, the Las Vegas crime and 90s cult movies setting and tool kit for Savage Worlds.

Who you know in Sin City is as important as what you can do. For player characters, organizations are potential allies, people that can be called upon to provide information, resources, services or man power. In Savage Worlds, this is represented by the Connections Edge.

For the Don, organizations are perfect villains of the criminal underworld. They can build whole scenes, misadventures or campaign arcs around them.

In Wiseguys, we provide you with several examples of organizations.

Bell Bottom Brigade

La Cosa Nostra isn’t the only player in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, competition is fierce and, as a result, the demand for people that can eliminate said competition is at a premium. On the rise in this elite market is the Bell Bottom Brigade, a group of deadly female assassins with soul. That’s right. Their wardrobe is filled with platform shoes, bell bottom pants and low cut, large collar blouses. That’s when they aren’t back at the car wash in their bikinis. These ladies aren’t averse to beguile their victims first if they feel it may give them an advantage, nor do they feel that the element of surprise is absolutely necessary to complete the job. The Bell Bottom Brigade comes at you with style and an attitude to match.

Rumors & Story Seeds

  • They received their training in a monastery up in the Himalayas.
  • They all use a codename and don’t know each other’s real names.
  • One of them is the illegitimate child of the Colossus Casino and Resort owner and she waits for her chance to get her piece of the fortune.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wiseguys - Demo Kit progress

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The Wiseguys Demo Kit manuscript has come back improved from the editor and is now ready for layout. Half of the illustrations are done with more on the way. Here are two of those.

Here's a bio for each of the characters!

Tommaso “Tommy Blue” Mazzotta


You grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, shining shoes for the made men of the neighborhood. Twenty years later you were one of them on the account of having been a good earner for the family. You learned how to defeat surveillance and security which helped you to become one of the best house burglars in the city. You grew tough and smart. Now, people respect you or they get a few broken bones. And that’s if you were in a good mood that day.

You saw an opportunity to shed some of the heat and make money by moving to Las Vegas to protect the family’s interests. Turns out, your reputation precedes you everywhere you go, and every time something goes wrong, the cops come knocking at your door and asking questions. You’re more clever than them, though. Have you been pinched? Sure, plenty of times, but nothing sticks to you.

Little Debbie

Roller Derby girl/Knee Breaker

Everybody has their way to let off some steam. After your husband left you alone to raise the kids, you sure needed to channel all that frustration somewhere. That’s when you joined the local Roller Derby team. You used to play sports in high school and always had an affinity for it. Save for beating up your husband, nothing beats the feeling of a contact sport like Roller Derby. You always bring baked goods to the games. This has translated to your new side job.

That’s right, a mobster crew needed an enforcer, a real tough broad. You’re having more fun than ever but have kept this part of your life a secret. You love your kids and wouldn’t want them to be taken away from you. If only the other parents at PTA meetings knew what you are up to at night.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wiseguys preview

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The following text is a small sample of the demo kit for Wiseguys currently in post production.

What is this?

This is a preview of the full Mafia setting and organized crime companion for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game by Just Insert Imagination entitled Wiseguys. In Wiseguys, you play a group of criminals working for the mob and building an empire in 1990s Las Vegas.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a secret society, a brotherhood of feared soldiers that is the envy of the Underworld? A typical day for you involves escaping the Law increasingly more effective with surveillance technology and zealous detectives. You perform daring heists, take over other gangs, extend your network, hunt down rats, take part in spectacular chases and drive-by shootings throughout the city, and you dig holes in the desert. Lots of them.

Wiseguys is the spiritual child of the movies Casino and Reservoir Dogs. It’s a world filled with colorful characters with big dream and bigger egos. It’s a world where money flows and gangsters struggle to maintain their honor.

In the Wiseguys Demo Kit you'll find a Las Vegas and Italian-American Mafia primer, a Mob Tale entitled Fugazi along with sample characters and all the rules you need to run it.