Friday, September 16, 2016

Savage Worlds at FG Con 9 (October 14th-16th)

Hi everybody!
Eric Lamoureux here to tell you all about FG Con 9 on October 14th-16th. FG Con is a virtual convention using Fantasy Grounds (the officially licensed Savage Worlds VTT)  and it's totally free to join! And you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

There are many Savage Worlds games on the schedule from a wide variety of genre, settings, great GMs from all over the world and there is even a game in Portuguese!
Here's how you can join.

Have a look at the amazing selection of games (all times are GMT until you register and set your time zone in your profile)!

The Last Parsec: Omariss Death Worm [FULL]
Winter Eternal: Moth to a flame [FULL]
Savage Warhammer: Night of Blood
Brothers in Battle [Portuguese]
Deadlands Reloaded - The Taxidermist's Tale [FULL]
Shaintar - Fire in the Darkness [FULL]
Gotham Breakout [FULL]
The Commoners
The Savage World of Solomon Kane: Possessed
Badabing Badaboom!
Starsky and Hutch - Savage Sunday
Deadlands Reloaded: Savage Tales of the Magnificent Seven [FULL]
The Savage World of Solomon Kane: The Oncoming Frost
Tropicana - Die Easy (or Die Trying!) [Cancelled]
Savage Secrets: Lady in Distress, Code Name: Jackpot
The Savage World of Solomon Kane: From the Deep
The Wild Die Podcast presents: Live Stream of Deadlands Noir
TMNT in Gotham City [Cancelled]
Savage Warhammer: With A Little Help From My Friends [FULL]
Shaintar - Fire in the Darkness [FULL]
Weird Wars Rome - Fangs of the Viper [Cancelled]
Savage Secrets: Code Name: Skyhook

There's something for everyone at all times of the day and night regardless of where you are located in the world. If the event you'd like to join is full, you can still book. It's common for some people to back out. You'll be the first in line!
Come join us and make this even the largest virtual and international gathering of Savages!
I hope to meet you there!