Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January 24th Update

Hi folks!

Eric Lamoureux here with an update. This blog is a great vessel for my thoughts and meandering but I unfortunately don't give it enough love. Part of it is procrastination, part of it is the Wild Die Podcast, but mostly it's that most of the time I have to write is dedicated to Wiseguys.

I started writing a book for Savage Worlds back in May. Yep, Wiseguys. I shared a preview of it in my last entry, and if you follow me on G+ or Facebook, I've been sharing snippets under the hashtag #gangsters and #justinsertimagination.

Wiseguys is an organized crime toolkit and setting about a group of gangsters building a criminal empire in an alternate 1990s Las Vegas. It's the movie Casino as if directed by Quentin Tarantino with some Ocean's Eleven, Fargo, Breaking Bad, and The Big Lebowski added to spice it up.

I've been running playtests since last November and it has gone well so far. I have around 100 pages written so far. A starter/demo set is in the works for Spring. I'll then open up the playtest to other groups. If you're interested in helping out with that, follow me, +Just Insert Imagination or email me at lamoureuxe1276 at the gmail dot (com).

Other than that it feels like I've been playing more than GMing lately. I'm playing in a FFG Star Wars campaign with a cool group, I'm playing in a mini-campaign on the Wild Die Podcast and joining one shots every other week.

RPG books I've been reading these days include Cthulhu City, Blades in the Dark, City of Mist and the Cypher System Rulebook. Very different books, but so good. Right now I'm probably closer to finishing Cthulhu City, mainly because it's the shortest one. All the others are 300-500 pages. Ugghh...

Campaigns I'd like to run these days: Shadow of the Demon Lord, The Strange, Beasts & Barbarians, and City of Mist.

Latest RPG purchase: Blades in the Dark.

That's it, folks! Keep playing games!