Friday, September 29, 2017

Interludes for the criminal underworld

Fuhgeddaboudit! changed the default card suite results for the Interludes. In Savage Worlds they are tragedy, victory, love, and desire.
In Fuhgeddaboudit! they become:

Share a story of how you survived in the slammer.
Describe how you outsmarted the feds that were trying to catch you.
Reminisce about your earliest and fondest memory of the Family.
Tell the group about the most memorable beatdown you’ve ever given.

If those results were to be extended or simply improved, what kind of stories do you think would enhance the experience or provide the best inspiration to a player?
If the associated rewards for role-playing an Interlude were extended beyond a Benny or Adventure Card, what would you like to see? What do you believe is fair?